Welcome to our new, fresh site! We are recent transplants from the artsy, bustling, hip, fun, but super crowded and expensive city of Austin, Texas. As much as we loved everything that the city was, we were really missing the things that the city wasn’t. We loved the music, the food, the BEER, but we missed the Midwestern laid back feeling, we missed family, and four seasons (although you’ll usually hear me complaining about winter). We decided to settle in Omaha, semi-halfway between Texas and our home state of Minnesota. The jobs are good, the weather isn’t nearly as severe as Minnesota, and the size was just right.

After living and breathing Austin for five years, then coming to Omaha, I see connections. I hear things like, “Omaha is what Austin used to be like before it got crazy.” Omaha already has a good music scene, has the right kind of jobs to attract the right kind of people, and is ripe for a beer and food scene. Some great neighborhoods like Dundee, Benson, and Blackstone are just proof that this city is ready for an explosion of local, authentic food, fantastic craft beer, along with so many other things that could make the city stand out and erase the stigma of Nebraska living.

With this blog, along with our other social outlets like Instagram and Twitter, we hope to reach out to some who may not see what we see, and create an even more thriving city that is Omaha. Please join us, and please, please, please, reach out with tidbits about Omaha, whether it’s a great restaurant in the area, new brewery (there’s two new ones popping up -woohoo!) or any other cool item we should be talking about.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Written by vitalis_omaha

I've never stayed in one place too long. I've lived in Oregon, Minnesota, Arizona, Texas, and now Nebraska. Where I belong is a complicated question. This blog keeps me grounded and is a place for me to write and share about a couple of passions of mine: books and beer. We just moved from Austin, Texas to Omaha, Nebraska to be closer to family and try another place. It's definitely been an adjustment, going back to the cold of the Midwest, and I'll be honest, it hasn't been easy. But I'm trying to make the best of it, and blogging is a way for me to connect to people who also may love books and beer. Even this blog has morphed so many times.From DIY, to baking to books. Currently, this blog is about beer and book reviews, writing, (and probably some house/garden stuff since we bought a house here in NE). Thanks for stopping by!

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