Nebraska is making small but right moves

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Disclaimer: This blog is not all about beer. It just happens that voting day was today and a new amendment was shot down, so of course, I want to spread the news!

Being a new citizen of Nebraska, I’ve been doing some research on Nebraska alcohol laws. Like previously noted, some of the distribution laws are very old and basically harm competition and the welcome of variety in the craft beer aisle of the grocery and liquor stores.

One new amendment was going to threaten the craft beer industry even more. Basically, your tiny microbreweries, instead of being able to bring their small load of beers directly to a store to sell, would have to go through an expensive distributor just to get their beers out to liquor stores. This could cost breweries money and the availability to market anywhere to get their name out there. This would have benefited no one. Luckily 30 of 34 people saw this and voted against it. The short, but exciting article, is located here.

I’m excited to see this kind of activity in Nebraska and I hope it continues! We’ve spent some time at Thunderhead Brewing’s tap house in Omaha, talking to one of the employees about the beer industry, and also attended a book signing from a local author. Small places like these add such a dynamic to cities, and it would be unfortunate if nice, hip spots like this couldn’t survive.

Thunderhead book signingThunderhead encourages people to bring their own food, play a game they have on hand, and just relax on the patio. A local writer Moira Murphy, was at the tap house, selling and signing her book. I bought one when I was there.


Thunderhead espresso stout

Thunderhead’s own espresso stout is a literal award winner. I love finishing a great evening off with a stout. This one has rich coffee flavors and a smooth finish.

The craft beer industry brings in so much more than just beer. It brings a community, creativity, jobs, and inspiration for others to break out and follow their dreams, as corny as that my sound. People see others pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, and realize that it can really happen.

I hope that Omaha, and Nebraska overall, keeps this spirit and keeps running forward.

Craft on Nebraska!




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