Activities outside of town: peach pickin’

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We love the city and figure we’ll probably always live in the city until we become old farts who don’t want to be around all the youngins anymore. Or maybe we’ll be those cool old couples who are still swingin’ it at night when they’re in their 80s. Who knows. Either way, we know we’re city folk.

But on that same measure, sometimes it’s so relaxing and revitalizing to get out of the city, away from all the traffic and stores and concrete, and just focus on what’s in front of us. So that’s what we did. We drove out to Kimmel Orchard and Vine in Nebraska City, home and birthplace of Arbor Day. The place itself is part of the University of Nebraska extension, so what’s nice about this is that it turns into a bit of a learning experience, not just a peach picking experience (there were also berries here to pick but we were on a peach mission). There are areas of plants with the plant’s name on them, there are signs that tell you about Nebraska’s fruit crops, and there are areas for the kiddos to check out. The orchard also has a big barn full of jams, breads, pie, and a good selection of local wine as well, so there’ just about something for everyone.



To get to the peach picking part, you pay $2 and you take as many bags as you like. You hop on a tractor trailer that takes you around the area and drops you off at the best picking spots at the current time. When you get back, they’ll weigh your bag and off you go!





After reading some of the signs and tidbits about peaches in Nebraska, I learned that it can be difficult to grow them here, but it’s not impossible, and whatever this farm does to raise them, makes it look easy. Some of the trees we passed by were loaded with peaches, and they were beautiful.






Across the drive from the peaches were apples, and next to them were raspberries, also available to pick. The day was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was a beautiful blue, cirrus clouds hung in the fresh smelling air. Just being out in this environment was refreshing.


Go out to Nebraska City, explore the cute town, explore the beautiful peaches. Kimmel does peach growing right, and the experience was exactly what we needed. Oh and if you’re curious, the peaches were delicious! We grilled a few of them up and ate them with sponge cake and whipped cream, and the others we ate as snacks. Both ways were fantastic.



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