We’re going to try something here. Since we’re new to the Omaha area and there are quite a few restaurants to try out here, we thought we’d try to do it with some sort of method in mind, so we came up with the alphabet tour.

We’ve come up with a list of restaurants, from A-Z, to try out and give our take on. There obviously are more than one of each letter of restaurants here, so if the first round goes well, we may do another.

The first restaurant, A, on our list is Andres, a Mexican restaurant located in the One Pacific Place shopping center. The menu itself is plentiful. There are a wide variety of items to choose from and certainly a lot of drinks to choose from as well. The tequila menu feels about as large as the food menu.

As far as what is listed for entrees on the menu, I’d say that it is typical Mexican fare. You have your fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, salads, etc.


What I do appreciate about Andres is that a lot of their items are house made. When a restaurant takes the time to actually make a lot of the smaller items, such as charro or black beans, and not just slosh them out of the can, I give a lot more credibility immediately to the restaurant.

For example, the salsa they deliver as complementary along with their chips, as well as the guacamole we ordered as an extra are all house made.

The salsa was more of a puree than what I prefer but the hubs liked it. I’m more of a pico de gallo fan myself. The guacamole was very flavorful and you could tell had been made minutes before it landed on our table. We ordered a mix of corn and flour tortilla chips which was a great combination.


For entrees, since it was Friday and the Friday special was fajitas, we both ordered the fajitas. I got chicken and the hubs got shrimp. It came with a spiced rice and charro beans. The beans were very spicy and flavorful. I was impressed. The rice was also house made and tasted great. I always hate going into a Mexican restaurant only to find out my sides came out of a can.

The chicken was flavorful, but slightly dried, and my veggies were good. The tortillas they provide are tiny, but you get a large number, so it was kind of fun making fajita sliders if you will.

The hubs was going to order his with corn tortillas but found out that they were not house made so he went with flour. This wasn’t because of any pretension, but usually house made corn tortillas are usually softer and more pliable than purchased tortillas, especially if they aren’t particularly fresh.


Our waitress was very friendly and attentive, and although our patio wasn’t extremely large or had an amazing view (it looked into the parking lot), it was well shaded and enjoyable.

Overall, we concluded that the food was good. Not amazing, nothing super interior Mexican, but good. Much better than some chain restaurants that cut corners. The owners care about presenting a good quality Mexican food, using their own recipes. I think this would be a great place to bring friends from out of town who want Mexican food. The atmosphere, wait staff and food overall was spot on; it’ll leave your friends happy and satisfied but is not going to blow their socks off.

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