Our B restaurant of choice was Beacon Hills, located in the Aksarben Village. We’d been by it a couple times when heading to Voodoo Taco and Baxter Arena for some hockey games and were curious about it.

The restaurant is casual but classy, as in don’t come in here in yoga pants, but you certainly don’t need business attire. There was a mix of people here when we went on a Friday. There were a couple of groups of friends who came straight after work, but there were others in more casual clothes. A couple was there in jeans, ordering just drinks (they do have a drink happy hour from 2-6 daily), along with a young couple with their baby. We sat outside, which was a nice sized patio with a fireplace and strings of light. We were there when it was light out, but I bet it would look great at night.


20170818_184401 (1).jpg

We started with the Basil Tomato Dip appetizer. Although it was called a dip, it was more like a Bruschetta, but it was delicious either way you named it. It came with toasted, seasoned ciabatta bread slices, freshly cut up tomatoes and basil in a wonderful marinade. Just as we finished the appetizer, our order came out. I ordered the catfish basket with fries, and the hubs ordered the prime time, which is a prime rib sandwich with caramelized onion and horseradish. My basket was supposed to come with three filets of catfish but it actually came out with four, so that was a big score for me! The breading on the fish was full of flavor and crispy, and the fries were nice and hot. I’m not a creamy coleslaw fan, so the house made non-creamy coleslaw was a nice surprise. I had a few bites and thought it tasted good, and I’m pretty sure the tarter sauce was also house made.

The hubs enjoyed his sandwich but said it wasn’t anything to write home about. I tried it, but I’ve never been a big horseradish fan so I don’t want to be the judge. The prime rib had a good beefy flavor (minus the horseradish) and the bun was nice and warm.


Overall the food was presented well, it was tasty, the hosts were attentive and the atmosphere was relaxed but classy. It was above average overall, but the prices I think were slightly above the what they should be.

We’d most likely go back again with some friends, and although the beer selection wasn’t extensive, there were a decent number of local beers, so I wouldn’t mind checking out the happy hour drink special sometimes.



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