C is for Corner Kick Tacos

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We’re taco people. We’ve always liked tacos, but after living in Austin, TX, our like of tacos grew into an intense love. Austin is the live music capital of the world, but it is also lesser known as the taco capital. We were exposed to so many varieties of tacos. From your quick breakfast tacos (eggs, potatoes, bacon), to simple street tacos filled with meat, onion or slaw, or your amazing BBQ tacos (brisket and guac, or pulled pork with slaw) and pretty much anything in between. You can get them in a cart on the street, at a food truck, or at a fancier restaurant where they expect you to wear pants and junk.

Naturally, when we started coming up with food ideas for our blog, we wanted to seek out some delicious tacos here in Omaha. For our C restaurant, we chose Corner Kick Tacos. I actually saw them when I was over by Hobby Lobby on a different mission, and kept them in the back of my mind for a later time.

We got off to a rough start at the restaurant, but I’m happy to say we ended on a good one, and the food redeemed our start enough to make us want to return. There were approximately 10 people in the restaurant but it took almost 10 minutes to get anyone’s attention. They had three people working. One girl was working on half of the restaurant and one guy was working the bar. Another girl was working our half, but unfortunately she got on a call for over five minutes. She never looked back to check to see if her patrons needed anything, or if she could get someone to take over her tables while she was on the phone. I looked around for menus but couldn’t find them anywhere. So we sat and waited. I know the other employees saw us come in, but none of them seemed interested in helping. That kind of threw us off.

Once our waitress got off of the phone, she assessed her area and did notice us, and came to ask if we’d been helped. We went through all of the formalities (no, we hadn’t been helped, water would be great, thanks) and ordered chips and guac to start, asking for the mix of corn and flour tortilla chips.

We’d just been hiking through the zoo all day, so at this point we were hungry, tired, and probably dehydrated. The guacamole was very flavorful and the chips were great.  This softened us immediately and we reset our brains back into taco mood.

Quac and a mix of flour and corn tortilla chips


For tacos, I ordered three different street tacos. And as you can see, I almost forgot to take a picture. Tacos make me forget to do things.  I quickly poured into my street tacos, starting first with the barbacoa taco. It had a great, classic barbacoa flavor, very beefy with a rich onion & cilantro background, mixed with earthy seasonings. The second taco I tried was the Al pastor with pineapple and onion. I thought the meat was slightly dry, but the flavor was good, and the pineapple gave it a light sweet flavor that complimented the flavor, but didn’t overwhelm.

My last taco was the carne asada taco. This one was my favorite. The meat was moist, the seasoning was perfect.

From top, going clockwise: barbacoa taco, carne asada, and Al Pastor

The hubs tried the Al Pastor torta and a chicken Tejas Taco with a fried shell. The taco had good flavor but the chicken was a little dry. The torta was very tasty and huge! He was only able to eat half of the torta and kept the other half for later. I agreed with him on the Tejas Taco. I liked the fried shell a lot, but felt myself grabbing for some water to get the chicken down.

Al Pastor Torta and a chicken Taco Tejano with a fried shell

Overall it was good, and with a few tweaks it could be a regular spot for us. We came in the middle of the week so you obviously won’t have a full wait staff, but with 10 other patrons in there, we should have been served quicker, regardless if our waitress is on the phone. Help a girl out, get her patrons a couple waters and menus and tell us she’ll be with us in a few minutes. That’s all it takes.

Food wise, if the chicken had been more moist it would have been near perfect. The barbacoa flavor was authentic and all the meat had just the right amount of seasoning on it, not to mention the pricing was very reasonable! We’ll definitely be back again to check it out.

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