The first thing I see when I pull into Don & Millie’s is the art-deco style lettering across the entrance. They’re big, red and seemingly familiar. The rest of the building is non-descript – light gray on top of a medium greige. The other side of the building contains an awning that lists main items in their menu: Frenchees, smoothies, burgers, tacos, salads and margaritas. To me this is a strange mix. What kind of eatery is this?20180630_133617

And then you walk in and realize it’s taken on a 50’s diner style inside. Definitely feels more like a fast food burger joint. But a burger joint where you can get a margarita? OK!

The flooring and interior decor make it feel almost like you’ve walked into a McDonald’s from the 1950’s but don’t let it fool you. It’s really nothing like McDonald’s. The people at the counter actually care and the food is actually good.


The menu is definitely centered around burgers, and they’re so good! Yes, it’s fast food, but again, I must insist, expect more than you would at your large chains.

I ordered a #2 (Cheeseburger) with onion rings (a whole $.20 add) to go. I’d been doing a lot of errand running and wanted to get home as I have been recently experimenting with not putting my dog in a kennel when I would leave (scary). Once I got my food, which didn’t take long, I realized I’d forgotten to ask for ranch to go (they make their own and it’s delicious on onion rings). I was kind of in a hurry but really wanted ranch so I grabbed a traditional condiment cup, pumped it with their tasty ranch, and drove the few minutes back to the house balancing it in my hands while navigating the streets. And just so you understand how good it is, you can actually by it by the quart in the restaurant. By the quart.


And the grand reveal….


Already looks better than most chains, doesn’t it? The simplicity of the food, paired with the fact that it’s hand made and not frozen and reheated, gives it that great flavor and makes Don & Millie’s a staple here in Omaha, and it really is a staple.

There are other things you can get, like a cheese Frenchee, which is basically a fried grilled cheese, and like I mentioned, margaritas (!), and even salads and wraps, but the heart of Don & Millie’s are the delicious burgers.

If you’re in the area and are looking for a burger place, check it out, especially if you’re in a hurry (or have a hankering for ranch).


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