Several months back, the hubs and I started an alphabet adventure of restaurants through Omaha. We didn’t get too far before some distance training halted our progress. We thought about pushing through from where we had stopped, but ultimately decided to start again from the beginning. There are plenty of great restaurants in the area so we knew that this wouldn’t be a challenge.

It also doesn’t hurt the fact that a new Cajun restaurant just made it’s way into town and it happens to start with the letter A.

Now, neither of us profess to be Cajun food experts but we lived in Texas for a handful of years, and I spent about six months in Mississippi, and during those times, we made sure to expose ourselves to some great Cajun food in the deep south.


When I get excited about a new restaurant, I also get nervous. I want it to be good. I want it to stick around, and a Cajun restaurant so close to the house would be pretty amazing.

I have to say that after trying out the Acadian Grille, my nerves were settled and I was deeply impressed and excited about this new establishment.

The restaurant is located in Miracle Hills Square, a small, unassuming strip mall north of Dodge and 114th Street. We walked in and there were already close to a dozen people in the restaurant. We were greeted instantly and told to sit wherever we wanted. We took a spot for two near the door. The kitchen is an open kitchen so you can see everything that’s happening with your food, which to me, is comforting.

We started out with a couple of beers while we looked through the menu. I had to have an Abita, a Louisiana establishment, while the hubs went for something more East Coast (had to put the Tabasco in the picture as well since it’s a Louisiana product).



The menu is small but deliberate. The items on there are true to Cajun restaurants. We decided to try out the crab cakes as an appetizer while we took in the menu. They came out quickly and beautifully. They were flavorful and flaky, and perfectly sized so that I wouldn’t be stuffed before the food came out.


The evening had turned cool and rainy so we were ready for comfort food. For our main meals, the hubs chose a Gouda mac n’ cheese with Tasso Ham and & Cavatappi and I had the Crawfish Etouffee.

The Gouda was wonderfully creamy and the Tasso Ham was delicious.


And although his was very good, my dish was the clear winner of the night. The Crawfish was flavorful, and the sauce was amazing. It reminded me of another restaurant we had enjoyed while in Mississippi. The sauce was slightly spicy and was filled with a perfect smattering of spices. There’s a warmness that comes over you when you eat Cajun food, like feeling at home, even among strangers.


We left the restaurant full and very happy. When we’re in the mood for some rich and comforting Cajun food, the Acadian Grille will be first on our list.

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