‘B’ is for Le Bouillon and Brickway

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Since we’ve been a little slow to re-post the alphabet reviews of restaurants and breweries in the area, I thought we’d give you a two-fer! On a walking trip around downtown Omaha, while waiting to go to a show that eve, we popped into two establishments that happened to start with the letter ‘B’.

We decided to head to Happy Hour at Le Bouillon in the Old Market and then do some wandering around before we headed over to the Slowdown.

Downtown Omaha is very walkable, and there is always so much to see. We took an Uber down to the Old Market to start our afternoon at Le Bouillon. This restaurant is a French-themed restaurant with a variety of oysters and wines to choose from. Since we arrived early, we decided to try out the Happy Hour menu.



The day was beautiful so we sat outside in the small patio for fresh air and people watching. D asked for the Zywiec lager, which is a Polish beer and I got the Red wine. The lager was definitely a European style beer, full of malt and very bubbly, but was light and refreshing, which went well with our plates. The red wine was very drinkable and pleasant on the patio. Our first plate was the stuffed peppers, stuffed with crab and goat cheese. The filling itself was very good. The goat cheese wasn’t overwhelming, which was a nice touch, as well as the little fried potato sticks on top, but we both concluded that the peppers themselves, which were fermented, were a bit overpowering.


The second dish was the Brandade Tartine, which was basically a small toast with cod, cream, potato and garlic. They come two to a plate, and were quite delicious. The cod wasn’t overpowering and the consistency of the topping was smooth and comforting. The toast was perfectly crunchy so you didn’t have to use your hands to pull it apart.


The final dish we had was the Papas Bravas. These are a Spanish take on a french fry. They’re large potatoes, fried and seasoned with paprika (pimenton), topped with a cilantro sauce and a garlic aoli on the side. These were probably my favorites. They’re salty but so comforting with the creamy sauce and aoli as a pair.


Overall, this happy hour was a great success. Our three plates, plus two beverage came out to be around $24. We felt just satisfied, not stuffed, which is where I like to be, and since I knew we would be wondering the streets, I didn’t want to be over stuffed at our next establishment.

We walked over to Brickway Brewing, a number of blocks away. This brewery is in a great location, just outside of the main brick streets of Old Market but still close enough to cool establishments like Vintage and Jackson Street Booksellers.


I had the Coffee Vanilla Stout (right) which is a constant on their menu and D had a seasonal (left). Both were very tasty. The brewery wasn’t overly full at the time we were there, and the atmosphere was relaxed; perfect for sipping a beer and thinking about the upcoming show we were about to see at the Slowdown.

Colony House was the show of the night, who are an indie rock band out of Tennessee. They’re relatively new but the crowd was singing along the whole time.



If you happen to be in the Omaha area, I recommend putting on some good walking shoes, and spend an afternoon winding your way around the downtown area. The food, shops and people watching will not disappoint.

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