Getting out of the house when the temperatures are much lower than you’d like, just to go get something to eat, takes a hard recommendation. Like it better be reeaaallly good.

We’d heard about Early bird recently and wanted to put it on our alphabet list. Early bird is strictly a breakfast/lunch hangout, and since it’s new, you have to plan your destination.

The restaurant is rightfully located in Blackstone, a hip and trendy neighborhood, full of unique, local restaurants and bars. The restaurant itself is a unique situation because Early Bird is both restaurant and doughnut shop. Bob’s doughnuts, connected but separate next door, is a tiny little doughnut shop full of some delicious and wonderfully crafted unique doughnuts. If you don’t have the time to sit down for breakfast, I recommend a doughnut here.

However, if you have the time for Early Bird’s brunch, I highly recommend it, but like stated earlier, it takes planning. And really by planning, I mean get here early.

This was our second try at Early Bird. The idea of going one morning had crossed our minds, and we dilly-dallied for a bit around the house, getting ready to go, and by the time we got there, the line was almost out the door. We already aren’t much for line patience, and considering the temps were well below freezing, we weren’t going to stick around.

Round 2: We arrived early on a Sunday and got in right away. I instantly loved the decor of the restaurant. It gave off a retro modern feel, and the colors were warm and inviting.

We sat down, ordered some coffee and scoped out the menu. I’m a fan of getting coffee as soon as possible. Most restaurants charge a flat fee for coffee so I’m all about capitalizing on that!

There was a large variety of menu items, from your staple breakfast foods (egg and meat combos), to sandwiches, eggs via hollandaise, pancakes, and a variety of creative dishes.

We started with the Blackstoned Quesadilla, which had black beans, cheese, and sausage. It came to us quickly, the tortillas were thin and light, and overall it was very flavorful. Our only wish was that they’d added a bit more avocado crema to the salsa.

More avocado crema!

Next were our main courses. I tend to order on the traditional side (pancakes, eggs, etc.), so I somewhat stuck to the traditional but added a slight twist. I ordered the French Dough’st Combo, which was a doughnut fried like french toast, with meat (I always choose bacon) and eggs.

The doughnut french toast was fried very nicely and the eggs were done just right. My favorite part of the whole dish was probably the bacon. It was so smoky and definitely not your cheap, run of the mill bacon.

That bacon…

The hubs ordered the Breakfast Burger. It was a heaping burger with a fried egg, cheese and sausage gravy. It came with a square of hash browns, which I’d never seen done at a restaurant before. It made for great presentation and tasted great to boot. The burger was moist, the gravy tasted homemade and although it doesn’t look that intimidating, we ended up taking some of it home in a to-go box.


Some things are fun done on a whim, and some things are best planned. A trip to Early Bird for brunch is definitely worth the planning. The service was attentive, the food was good and the atmosphere overall was of one where I would want to return to, week after week.

But if you find yourself at Early Bird, and the line is out the door, you can always pop over to Bob’s and get yourself a doughnut instead. Either way? Win-win.

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