‘F’ is for Farine + Four

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Farine + Four is a lovely bakery slash breakfast slash brunch establishment that offers that laid back vibe that makes you want to stay there and sip mimosas until they kick you out.

This place has been on our radar for some time, but due to their short hours (breakfast and brunch/lunch only), it’d taken us months to finally find a good weekend to pop in. The weekend we decided to go, the spring weather had taken on a chill turn. I popped on my plaid sweater and we found the nearest parking spot to offer us the least amount of time outside.

Once in, we were greeted to freshly baked bread, a variety of beautiful baked pastries and a warm welcome from the employees. We were front in line but didn’t know quite what we wanted, so we let a woman through. She seemed like an expert who know exactly what she was getting (mimosas). The method of the mimosas was one I’d never seen before; you were handed a glass of champagne and a separate glass of orange juice. I guess you could decide how much juice you so happened to want that morning.

The atmosphere truly felt laid-back and serene. Like I mentioned earlier, it felt like a place you could meet with friends you hadn’t seen for years, and spend hours sipping a boozy breakfast and nipping on a freshly made croissant, reminiscing about the old days.

Menu is written on the counter

Once we ordered (I ordered the egg, cheese and dill sandwich with added bacon and the hubs ordered the chicken sandwich), we took our iced coffees to a cute table next to the window. The air was cool and rainy, but it felt comfortable inside, sipping our iced beverages. There is a nice open area outside that would be perfect on the warm days for lounging on. Today just wasn’t our luck.

The food didn’t take long to come out and we had seemed to have timed it perfectly. Not long after sitting down, a large line of probably 15 people showed up. I love those moments.

My egg sandwich came on a house made bun which was light and fluffy and perfect. The lightness was similar to an English muffin but it was moist, more flavorful, and paired perfectly with the egg and dill. I’d never had dill in an egg sandwich but I highly recommend it. The flavors of the dill gave it a tangy complexity I didn’t know an egg sandwich could have.

Egg, cheese and dill sandwich with bacon added – check out the dill!

The chicken sandwich, although messy, was also amazing. It featured homemade refigerator pickles and was housed on the same homemade bun. The chicken was crispy on the outside and wonderfully moist on the inside.

Crispy chicken sandwich

We’d already heard good things about Farine + Four before coming, and we were not let down in the least. I could see this place becoming a regular morning stop. Whether to sit and eat a hearty warm sandwich, or come in for a pastry and a mimosa, or even just to grab some tasty pastries and run (oh and you can totally bring you dog – this is a very dog friendly establishment). We will definitely be back for more.

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