Recently, we visited Greenbelly after a morning workout. We were feeling ultra healthy so we rode over to Greenbelly. This restaurant boasts healthy meals, such as salads, sandwiches and even pizzas.

The restaurant itself is basic economic-IKEA style. Minimal, but clean. We took a few minutes to review the menu. The hubs went for a taco salad and I was immediately drawn to the lettuce wraps. I ordered the Thai chicken lettuce wraps.

Got here early. The line picked up shortly after this. Super nice wait staff and huge menu – something for everyone.

The lettuce wraps come in either a three wrap or six wrap size. I figured three wouldn’t be enough (it’s just lettuce!), so I ordered the six. Turns out, they really fill these wraps up and three was all I could eat at the time. They were messy with the chili sauce, but they were flavorful and the chicken was super moist. it’s a meal I would go back to several times, except I’d order the three wrap size. I took the leftovers home but the lettuce had gone soggy, so I just turned it into more of a salad instead.

Thai chicken lettuce wraps. These were huge and very tasty.

Not pictured is the taco salad. The hubs said it was good, but it had been served with a Dorothy Lynch style dressing. If it had been a spicy ranch instead, I think he would have been more satisfied.

Outside, the patio is off to the side of the restaurant and looks like a great place to eat outside, but when we went to eat that day, it was during a very hot week, and we were in the nineties at the time; a little too warm for eating.

Very nice patio. It was around 100 when we went so we passed on the patio. Next time…..

Overall, the food was very good; there were a ton of great sounding choices on the menu and we will definitely be back to enjoy some flavorful but health-conscious foods.

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